Auction and Wholesalers pick-up

Specializing in pickups from UFG & surrounding wholesalers, and deliver directly to your store.

For a SINGLE off site pickup, MEMBERS click here and choose ‘New freight in request’.

How it works:

1. UFG Auction must be ordered by 8am same day (discount is available for previous day booking).

2. Wholesale pick ups located in South Burnaby (near UFG) must be ordered and ready by 10am for same day delivery (we offer a discounted price if the order is placed the day before or earlier). We allow only 5 minute wait time for drivers, past 5 minutes you will be charged $5 per 5 minutes late. Orders taking longer than 15 minutes for pickup will not be picked up and will need to be re-ordered for pickup at another time.

3. When we are picking up at more than one UFG/wholesaler location at the same time, each additonal location pickup is $8 for the first piece, and $2 for each additional piece.

4. Click here to place an order, or go to the forms menu and choose ‘UFG/Wholesaler Pickup request’.